FAQ | Y1 GNSS Receiver – Part 3 GSM/4G Mode

As one of our hot products, the Y1 GNSS receiver has a very wide user base, and they also encountered various technical questions in the process of using Y1. We have summarized the questions frequently asked by our users and provided some solutions, hoping to solve some of your confusion.

Common Questions of GSM/4G/Network Mode

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Q1: When connecting to the data source, it always stays in the SIM detection link

  1. Check whether the SIM card has no network or poor network signal.
  2. Check that the SIM card is properly inserted and connected to the card slot contacts.

Q2: Always stuck on connecting service when setting up network base station

  1. Check whether the parameters such as IP address and port are set correctly.
  2. Access the server address through a mobile phone or RTKLIB and other tools to check whether the server is running normally. For example, visit via mobile browser.

Q3: Failed to get source list when setting up network rover

  1. Check whether the parameters such as IP address and port are set correctly.
  2. Check whether the SIM card is connected normally.
  3. Manually enter the mountpoint source list.

Q4: Always stuck on connecting to service when setting up rover network

  1. Check whether the APN, IP address, port, user name and password are set correctly.
  2. Check whether the base station is offline.

Q5: When the CORS is working normally, the state of the rover suddenly changes to single

  1. Check if the network is in good condition.
  2. Check whether the mobile phone card has traffic.
  3. Check whether the CORS account is used by others. Change password and reconnect.

Common Questions of SC100 Data Collector

Q1: What to do when the device enters factory mode?

  1. This happens if the left volume button is stuck when the SC100 is turned on. Check if the volume up button is stuck.
  2. Click the volume down button to select the third option, and click the volume up button to confirm.


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