Why Do You Need An Autosteer Kit? – 4 Reasons You Need To Know

For most farmers, traditional farm work is very exhausting. The vast farmland, non-stop work day after day, long-term highly concentrated driving and so on are all contributing factors. How to reduce the burden on farmers while completing farm work with high quality is a headache.

With the development of agriculture, various solutions for these problems come up. In this blog, we will show one approach that can perfectly solve these issues - SAgro100 Automated Steering System.

How does the autosteer kit work?

The SAgro100 autosteer system is based on GNSS positioning and navigation. After the farmer sets the route on the tablet, the system will calculate the steering angle based on the satellite navigation data and transmit it to the electric motor, which drives the steering wheel to realize automatic steering.

Learn more about the system:
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What can SAgro100 Automated Steering System bring to you?

1. Free your hands from driving

  • Less Fatigue: With the system automatically steering, drivers don’t need to concentrate on driving and manually operate the steering wheel anymore.
  • Less Cost: Auto-steering reduces the difficulty of driving. No tractor driving experience & skill required, which can largely save your cost of recruiting skilled drivers.
  • Higher Efficiency: No limited by human energy and weather factors, the SAgro100 brings 24/7 stable continuous operation while ensuring high precision, ahead of the completion of the sowing task.

2. High pass-to-pass accuracy of 2.5cm helps save your cost and increase your output.

  • Higher land utilization: Accurate to centimeter-level driving, it largely reduces the gaps and overlap, improving land utilization rate and maximizing crop cultivation.
  • Save resources: Higher driving accuracy means precise fertilization, spraying, irrigation, which can save your resources like fertilizer, water, pesticide, etc.

3. Smart Management

  • Less Human Error: The system will generate routes and record the working area, avoiding human errors like repeated and missed areas.
  • Higher Efficiency: Tasks and data can be shared, and multiple people can work in turn.
  • Easy Farm Management: SAgro100 system supports multiple farms and plots management.

4. Easy-to-use & Low barriers 

  • Wide application: Compatible with most agricultural tractor types, supports different operating modes of sowing, harvesting, plowing, etc.
  • Fast installation: Easily installed within 30 minutes. The user-friendly software makes it simple to calibrate and use in 15 minutes.

Learn more about SAgro100 automated steering system,


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