Tech Chat | How to simplify your total station stakeout?

How are your stakeout tasks with traditional total stations? Repeatedly observe and then instruct the prism operator to the right position? Or even use the intercom for communication? Today we will introduce you a new function to largely simplify your stakeout tasks!

Considering the complex process of traditional total station stakeout, SingularXYZ team has added the Stakeout Position Sharing function in SingularPad field software. Total station observer can share the real-time stakeout position to the prism operator through SingularPad, then realize easy stake out according to the software prompts.

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Step 1: Connect the total station to SingularPad and set station

Turn on the Bluetooth of TS1000 total station, select the device type of SingularPad as total station and then connect.

After connection, you can see the real-time angle parameters (VA & HA) are shown on the top status bar of SingularPad. Then you can set station in the software.

  • Method 1: Set station & orientation
  • Method 2: Free set station

Step 2: Sharing stakeout information

Go to Survey >> Point Stakeout >> To-Stake-Out, manually add or import the points that you need to stakeout, then go to the stakeout interface.

Click the sharing button, SingularPad will share the stakeout information via the QR code.

Step 3: Get the stakeout prompt with another phone

Use the phone of the prism operator to scan the QR code, you can get the real-time stakeout prompt via SingularPad. 

Now you can simply follow the software prompt to finish the stakeout tasks.

Learn more about our TS1000 total station and field software SingularPad

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