Tech Chat | How to build your CORS server for free with Alibaba Cloud?

In our previous blogs, we introduced a free method using Amazon Cloud & SNIP for beginners who want to build their own CORS platform. However, some of our SV100 users recently said that the 750hrs free trial period of Amazon Cloud is a bit short. So in today's blog, we will share a new method of free trial throughout the year – how to build your CORS server with Alibaba Cloud?

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Part 1: Create your account

1. Go to the official website of Alibaba Cloud (, log in or register a new account.

2. Go to Products >> Featured Product, select Elastic Compute Service (ECS).

There are many free trials you can try.

3. In the package settings, you can leave most of the settings as default for free trial. But please follow the guideline of this blog for the following settings.

Choose Windows Server as shown in the picture.

In the Networking setting, you should check the Assign Public IPV4 Address option so that it can get a public address.

Then set the login username and password in System Configurations. You can remote connect this server using the IP address and password.

4. When all the settings are done, you can preview them before submitting, and the total amount should be 0.00 USD. The server will be created within 1-5 minutes of submission.

Part 2: Server configuration

1. You can go to the Menu to check the details of the instance again.

2. Map a port for CORS software. 

Go to Network & Security >> Security Groups, you need to add a rule in the default security group. Click Add Rules >> Add Rule.

Select the port number you need in Dest option, here we use 9999 as an example. Then set other options as in the picture below and click save.

Part 3: Install CORS software on your server

1. Searching for MST in the search bar on your computer will bring up options for remote desktop features. Enable this function and enter the public IP address, user name and password to access the remote desktop.

2. You can now install CORS software on the server.

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If you want to start building your own CORS network, read our SV100 CORS solution for more details.

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