Tech Chat | How to conduct PPK survey tasks? – Part 2 Post-processing

In the previous blog, we have introduced how to conduct the field work of PPK survey. In this article, let us learn together about how to deal with the collected raw data and obtain accurate positioning results.

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  • GNSS raw data of PPK base station
  • GNSS raw data of PPK rover
  • PProcessing post-processing software (contact our support team to download the software:

Step 1: Data Import

Open PProcessing software, follow the left navigation bar to do post-processing. Go to Project >> Create to create a new project. You can click Modify to set the coordinate system and geoid model parameters.

After creating a new project, go to Observation >> Import files to import the PPK raw data. Select the file attribute as static to import the raw data of base station, and select the file attribute as dynamic to import the raw data of rover.


1. Please select the corresponding file attributes and format of your imported data.
2. After data is imported, you can right-click the data file to select the antenna type, analyze data or modify related contents.

Step 2: Dynamic baseline processing

Go to Dynamic baseline on the left. Select the baseline that needs to be processed and click Process. Click OK after the processing is complete.

You can see the fixed epoch number and fixed epoch rate.

Double click the processed baseline, you can view the positioning data of each epoch.

Step3: Data Export

After post-processing, you can go to the Map interface to have an overview of all survey points.

Go to Dynamic baseline >> Report setup, select the file format you need to export the result data.

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