Tech Chat | How to set SV100 as a base with a router?

Recently, we have received lots of inquiries from our SV100 users about how to configure it as a base station. We know that SV100 has two network transmission ways - 4G and Ethernet. Compared to 4G, Ethernet is more stable and has few compatibility issues. And most users have connected Ethernet to their routers.

So in this blog, we will introduce how to configure SV100 as a base/reference station via Ethernet with a router.


  • SV100 GNSS receiver
  • Computer
  • Router
  • LAN cable

Step 1: Query the IP Address of your Router

Connect the computer to the router via LAN cable and query the IP address of the router. Here, we use the router IP address as an example. 

Step 2: Configure the IP address of SV100

After querying the IP address of the router, you need to modify the IP address of the SV100 and default gateway so that they are within the same gateway.


① Connect your computer to the WIFI of the device

  • WIFI Name: the SN number of your device
  • WIFI Password: 12345678.

② Then type in browser, Username: admin Password: admin.

③ Go to Device Configuration >> Ethernet Config set the default gateway to the IP address of the router, and set the IP address of SV100 to 192.168.1.X. 

Note: The IP address of the SV100 cannot be occupied by other devices.

Step 3: Log in the Web UI to configure SV100

After completing the above two steps, you can login Web UI to configure SV100.


① Connect power cable and antenna cable to SV100. Connect SV100 to router via LAN cable.

② Type the IP address of SV100 in browser, the IP address is what you set in step2. Username: admin Password: admin.

③ Go to Device Configuration >> Antenna Setting, input the Antenna’s height, measurement and type, then click the “OK” button to finish the Antenna Setting.

④ Go to Device Configuration >> Working Mode, choose base as working mode, then input base ID and get base coordinates, click “Start Base” to finish the base mode setting.

⑤ Go to Device Information >> Position Information, check the Positioning Status turns out to be FIXEDPOS.

Step 4: Set Data Transmission

After setting the base mode, go to Work Management >> Data Transmission to choose the type of data transmitted and set other settings. Here we use NTRIP Server as an example.


① In the NTRIP server column, click the “Config” button on the right and check the status in the Start Up column.​

② Put in the Caster Address: Port: 8080 for the User and Password please put in the SN number of your device, and create a Mount Point  

③ Choose the Diff Data and set the frequency of the Base EPH and MSM, then click “OK” to finish the setting of the NTRIP Server.​

This is the whole process of configuring SV100 as a base station. You can build your local CORS station based on this tutorial and then connect your rover devices to it!

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