Tech Chat - How does NFC benefit surveyors work?

As surveyors all know, the first step when we use RTK receivers is to connect it to a data collectors via Bluetooth. But sometimes it can be difficult for you to search or connect to Bluetooth, so sometimes it still annoys people even if it's just a simple step.

Along with the technology improving, several RTK models have announced support for the function called Touch and Connect, which uses NFC to make the connection between RTK devices and data collectors more efficient.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near-field communication) is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm (11⁄2 in) or less. Near-field communication (NFC) describes a technology which can be used for contactless exchange of data over short distances. Two NFC-capable devices are connected via a point-to-point contact over a distance of 0 to 2 cm. This connection can be used to exchange data (Such as process data and maintenance and service information) between the devices.

Lots of phones support NFC, and it's been used for payment for years. For example, you can use Apple Pay and Google’s Android Pay function for normal purchase or even transportation. It’s quite convenient to be free from wallet and credit cards.

NFC offers a low-speed connection through a simple setup that can be used to bootstrap more-capable wireless connections. For example, Bluetooth, and that’s the key that why NFC can benefit RTK devices.

How NFC works on RTK devices?

Basically, when we use GNSS receiver for RTK survey, we need to connect a data collector (PDA, phone or tablet) to the RTK receiver via Bluetooth. 

So if both the controller and the RTK device integrated the NFC modules, we can establish the NFC connection between the devices.

As a professional GNSS manufacturer, we at SingularXYZ have added NFC function to our new Y1 GNSS receiver. Just touch the Y1 GNSS receiver with your phone and you will find your survey software is ready and your phone is automatically connected to your receiver. You don't need to open the software to manually match and connect the receiver, which is definitely more convenient and efficient.

Learn more about Y1 GNSS Receiver.

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