Enhanced Compatibility - SingularXYZ Introduces New Upgrade for X1-Series Radio Modem

Shanghai, China, March 27th, 2024 – SingularXYZ has introduced the latest upgrade of its X1-Series GNSS receivers, featuring an upgraded UHF version that designed to support LoRa TX & RX as well as common UHF RX, significantly improving its compatibility.

In previous versions of the product line, the X1-Series offered two radio versions:

  Working Range (Internal mode) Compatibility of Radio Mode
LoRa UHF (default) Up to 15km Exclusively compatible with Lora versions of X1-Series
Common UHF 3 – 5km Compatible with mainstream GNSS receivers

To further enhance user convenience and allow them to enjoy compatibility and long working range at the same time, SingularXYZ has upgraded the UHF version - supports LoRa 15km long working range, and is compatible with LoRa UHF in TX (transmit) & RX mode and common UHF in RX (receive) mode.

It's important to note that the coverage range of the radio mode is contingent upon the transmission capabilities of the RTK base station. So if you are using a RTK base of common UHF, the coverage depends on its transmit range.

With this type of radio upgrade, users can now benefit from an up to 15km working range when utilizing the X1-Series as both base and rover. Moreover, when collaborating with receivers from other brands, the X1 series can also work seamlessly in rover mode.

The enhanced UHF version of the X1-Series is currently available. For all new shipments commencing March 27th, 2024, the X1-Series GNSS receivers will automatically be upgraded to this latest version by default. For users who need the X1-Series to be compatible with common UHF in TX mode, please clarify when placing an order.

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