Tech Chat | How To Measure & Set the Height of RTK Base Station?

When using GNSS receivers for surveying, accurately measuring antenna height is crucial for both static measurements and setting up RTK bases. In today's blog, we will explore how to measure and configure the antenna height of a GNSS receiver.

How to Measure:

Before measuring the height, you should set up the GNSS receiver on the tripod and tribrach, centering the receiver to the ground control point while leveling the device. There are two main methods for measuring the antenna height: pole height and slant height.

- Pole Height: The vertical distance from the receiver bottom to the ground control point. Directly measuring vertical distance might be inconvenient due to tripod obstruction. In such cases, surveyors typically use plumb lines for accurate vertical distance measurement.

- Slant Height: The distance from the reference point on the side of the receiver to the ground control point. Compared to pole height, slant height measurement is easier to operate.

How to Configure:

1. RTK Base Configuration:

Taking SingularPad software as an example, when configuring the Base mode, select "Start Up Mode" as "Input Base Coordinates." Enter the coordinates of ground control points, and in the antenna parameter section below, select your measurement method (Pole Height/Slant Height) and input the corresponding measured height. The software will automatically recognize your device type and calculate the accurate antenna height based on the device's antenna parameters.

Note: If you are not using a SingularXYZ receiver, please fill in the Antenna Parameters of your device in the Device Information. Only then can the software automatically calculate the accurate antenna height.

2. Static Measurement Configuration:

You can view the device's antenna parameters and the calculated antenna height through SingularPad software, and input them into the static post-processing software.

By following these steps, you can ensure precise measurement and configuration of the GNSS receiver's antenna height, vital for accurate positioning and surveying applications.

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