Tech Chat | How to record static data when the receiver is working as RTK Base?

Due to certain project specifications and accuracy verification requirements, sometimes our users will need to have the receiver record static data simultaneously while it is working as RTK base. To meet these demands, our equipment offers two convenient ways by using the SingularPad software or accessing the product's web page. In this blog post, we'll explore each method in detail, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding.

1. SingularPad Software Configuration

Our latest SingularPad update introduces a seamless one-click solution for recording static data during base station setup. Here's how to configure it.

Connect to the receiver via Bluetooth and access the SingularPad interface. Go to Device >> Base to set up base mode settings, and there will be a static option. You can click to enable the static recording and set the point name. The observation time and data format will default to 1 hour and Rinex3.02.

Then you can continue to set the RTK base mode of the GNSS receiver and start RTK surveying.

2. Web Page Static Data Recording

For users requiring more detailed configuration options, the web page interface offers additional flexibility. Let's use the X1 receiver as an example to show how to record static data via the WEB page.

Connect to the receiver's WiFi network (WiFi password: 12345678) and access the web page at Log in with the default account (username: admin, password: admin).

Navigate to Work Management >> Data Recording, click Config to configure settings such as data interval, file interval and format. Then click to Start Recording.

3. Static Data Download

When you have finished measuring, you can download the static data in the following 2 ways.

Method 1: USB download

Connect the receiver to your PC using a Type-C to USB cable and copy the data files directly.

Method 2: Web page download

If there are no cables or PC available, you can also connect your phone or PC to the X1 GNSS receiver's WiFi network and download the static data via the web page.

Follow the login process outlined earlier and navigate to Work Management >> File Download. Select the desired record name, file type, and date, then click 'Refresh' and 'Download' to obtain the file.

By following these steps, users can effectively record and manage static data while using our RTK receivers as RTK base, ensuring compliance with project requirements and precision standards.

Learn more about SingularXYZ X1-Series GNSS receiver and SingularPad field surveying software.

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