Tech Chat | How to Tackle CORS Coverage Gaps via SingularXYZ Caster?

In the realm of RTK surveying, compared with radio transmission, to transmit correction data via network is more popular for its convenience and wide working range. But for regions without CORS coverage or the CORS account is very high price, users will face such trouble. So this week we’ve released a new surveying solution to tackle CORS coverage gaps via SingularXYZ Caster, realizing RTK surveying more cost-effective.

Here, we present a step-by-step guide of how to setup the X1-series as base station and deliver differential data to the Sfaira ONE series via SingularXYZ Caster over 4G, enabling you to undertake RTK measurements with ease and affordability.

Step 1: Setting Up the X1 Base Station

Insert a SIM card into X1 and power it on. Connect to X1 WiFi (SSID: X1-SN) and log in to the web interface and Access the web interface using the following credentials:

  • Web IP:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Go to Device Configuration >> GSM Config, enter the APN, User, Password of your SIM card and select AUTH. Click Startup.

Go to Device Configuration >> Antenna Setting, set the antenna height and measurement method according to how you setup X1.

Go to Device Configuration >> Working Mode, enter Base ID, click GET to get base station coordinates, click Start Base.

Go to Work Management >> Data Transmission, select Ntrip Server type to upload correction data to SingularXYZ Caster, the caster information are as follows,

  • IP:
  • Port: 8992
  • User name, password and mount point can be customized according to your user habits.

You can also select the differential data format and message content. Then click OK to start up.

After the upload is completed, the Ntrip Server transmission will turn green, indicating a successful upload, and your X1 base station will be online in SingularXYZ Caster.

Step 2: Receiving Data at the Sfaira ONE Series Rover

Open SingularPad software and connect Sfaira ONE Plus. Go to Device >> Rover and select Data Link as Phone Internet.

Enter SingularXYZ Caster information (IP & port) and your user info according to your X1 base settings.

Click Get to get the MountPoint listm and select the one you uploaded in the previous base station settings

Click "Start" and when the real-time differential data is received, click "Apply".

Once the above steps are completed, your can start RTK surveying with centimeter-level accuracy without CORS account.

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