Tech Chat | Line-related surveying tasks in SingularPad – Part 1

In the realm of surveying, in addition to the basic point survey and stakeout, the line-related tasks are also very common and important. From delineating topographic features to plotting property boundaries, the ability to efficiently survey and manage lines significantly impacts project outcomes. In this blog, let's look closely at the possible workflows about creating lines.

Part 1  - Collecting & Editing Lines

In SingularPad, capturing the intricate details of your survey area's terrain and features is made simple with its linework feature. By selecting the "line" option in the drawing tools, you gain the ability to effortlessly create lines using any points you've surveyed or ready to survey. As you mark out your line, the software interface provides real-time feedback on the length from the starting point, ensuring precision in your measurements.

When you need to survey serveral lines at the same time, it's also easy to switch between lines seasmlessly at any time in SingularPad. When select a line, you can click  to delete the line, click  to finish the line creation and click  to change the end point. 

Moreover, you have the flexibility to continue from where you left off on an existing line. Whether you prefer to start from the beginning or pick up from a specific point in the database, SingularPad empowers you to seamlessly carry on with your surveying tasks.


By streamlining the process of line creation and editing, SingularPad equips you with the tools needed to elevate your surveying endeavors to new heights of efficiency and accuracy. In the next chapter, we will introduce how to conduct line stakeout in SingularPad software.

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