SingularXYZ Returns with Innovations to Emergency Expo 2024

Shanghai, China, May 13th – 15th, 2024 – SingularXYZ, a leader in high precision GNSS PNT technology, marked its return to the esteemed Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo 2024 (Emergency Expo 2024), continuing its mission to elevate emergency rescue applications with high-precision GNSS technology.

Building upon its successful debut last year, SingularXYZ showcased an array of cutting-edge products and solutions tailored to address the evolving challenges in emergency response and disaster monitoring.

The expo, themed "Advancing High-Level Safety, Safeguarding High-Quality Development," brought together numerous renowned domestic and international emergency-related enterprises to explore the forefront of emergency disaster reduction and rescue technologies and development trends. With over 600 exhibitors and an influx of 50,000 industry professionals in attendance, the expo served as a pivotal platform for collaboration and innovation.

In line with its commitment to leveraging GNSS technology for the benefit of society, SingularXYZ has introduced advanced enhancements to its product portfolio. One of the highlights is the exhibit of the disaster monitoring system and personnel positioning solution.

Designed to enhance personnel safety in construction and other applications, SingularXYZ demonstrated enhancements to its wearable positioning solution. By leveraging GNSS technology, these solutions provide real-time positioning and abundant alert function, which can be integrated with user platform for personnel tracking and electronic fencing capabilities, ensuring optimal response coordination and risk mitigation.

Throughout the expo, SingularXYZ won accolades for its unwavering commitment to advancing the security paradigm through innovation.

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About SingularXYZ®

SingularXYZ Intelligent Technology Ltd. is focused on high precision GNSS PNT (Positioning, Navigation & Timing) technology, extending its coverage to horizontal and vertical industries, which mainly include geospatial information, precision agriculture, machine control, robotics, telecommunications, IoT and etc., providing customers with reliable, stable and professional products, solutions and service.